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"Haatzama's role focused on data integrity and cleanup, setting up basic governance, and automation operations processes. They also enabled some of our teams to start leveraging the work that they put in place from workflow and automation perspective. By cleaning up our data with Salesforce, we were better able to leverage our visibility to help us target specific companies and accounts. The same goes for the improvements they made in operational automations. By reducing the time we spend on administrative work, the team created more time for us to focus on industry selling.

I really appreciate their commitment to consistent and thorough project management. They give weekly status updates, use a product management system so we always know the status of a task, and they ask the right questions.

They're cost effective and they have the right individuals to deliver the specific work you need. They're not trying to be a full-service agency, so there's no middle management or other ancillary roles that inflate costs. While we originally started with sales operations and sales force and marketing optimization, they were also able to quickly provide design work when we realized we needed it. The quality of work they provide at the price they charge is much more competitive than other agencies we've worked with.

Haatzama is a great choice if you need to execute a project quickly, but it's still important to know exactly what you want to accomplish and what you want them to do for you. The team will help you expand on some ideas, but it's helpful to have defined goals beforehand."

- Matt Cannell, Director of Demand Generation

"I have been working with the Haatzama team for a few months and have had a great experience. The team is very responsive and has helped or company refine our sales & marketing processes as well as improve transparency. Christina is a fantastic project manager and doesn't let anything slip through the cracks. 

One of the most impressive aspects of the Haatzama team is their ability to take complex ideas or challenges and quickly translate them to technological solutions. They focus on the business problem and then use their savvy salesforce and marketing tech know-how to address the problem in a way that works for the company and team."

- Erin Olsen, Director of Marketing


"I've had the pleasure of working with Haatzama on a number of projects for Reflektive, and every time they seem to outdo themselves. The level of professionalism that comes from every member of the Haatzama team is truly appreciated. Even with last minute, hair on fire type requests, the Haatzama team has not scoffed at anything, and has always maintained an open level of communication. It's hard to find many companies devoted to this level of customer service while also delivering such great results. I would recommend this team to any company Large or Small."

- Brett Rogers, Sales Operations Manager


"For the size and nature of the company, it’s unusual to get this level of inbound leads. Our investors are pleased with our conversion results. One of our investors is a venture firm and statistically, we have the highest conversion rates they have seen in their portfolio, both in terms of inbound leads and conversions to closures.

Haatzama Marketing has been a great strategic partner and provides valuable insights to support our growing company. Their approach balances data-driven decision making with creativity and strategy. Our management team has been impressed with the amount of metrics we have for such a young company. No doubt their efforts are helping to fuel our growth."

- Ganesh Shankar, CEO


"We have been working with Haatzama Marketing and they have been instrumental in helping us refine our sales processes, define complex trackable business metrics, and architecting our CRM to help us manage our Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success. Sales and Marketing practices have been codified in our CRM so they are fully reportable - sales processes, data, and fields have been streamlined resulting in increased productivity - and the training of our Team members has been invaluable in empowering them with the knowledge to excel in their jobs."

- Carly Caise, Marketing Manager

Confidential B2B IT Company

"Haatzama’s expertise has propelled the firm’s marketing program forward with a strategy informed by comprehensive Salesforce reporting. They have proven themselves impressive with project management, requiring little oversight while producing deliverables. They didn’t require additional education; they actually gave us more time back as opposed to taking more of it up. Internally, we’ve been able to move much faster and drive our marketing program forward because Haatzama is managing our backend."

- Director of Marketing


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