"Freedom. Excellence. Trust.

Haatzama Marketing was founded on these three values. I wanted to provide a place where top-talent was free to deliver their best work and excellence was the standard both in work product and in relationship. A fully transparent model builds trust internally that extends to our partners and customers and together we are achieving great things."

Angela Earl, President



Our Team

Haatzama Marketing brings together experienced practitioners and high-performance client organizations. With over 30 consultants we are able to extend the skills and capacity of our clients in-house teams to make excellence achievable (and affordable). 

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How We Work

We operate under a unique vision of freedom and integrated living amidst the bustle and busyness of a marketing agency.  Though our team is dispersed, we come together to do amazing work. We are headquartered in the heart of downtown Portland and like the work we do, our space is efficient.

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