Support growth and highlight the value
of marketing and sales contributions.

Building a solid foundation for sales enablement and marketing operations falls into three categories: operational alignment, performance measurement, and system governance. Focus on these components will improve overall revenue operations and provide a launch pad to success in today’s rapidly evolving sales and marketing arena.


Operational Alignment

Marketing operations and sales operations are two important but distinct functions that impact organizational efficiency and performance. Each may approach shared issues with different priorities and points of view and often there are areas where teams are likely to need some alignment work.
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Performance Measurement

Measurement is conducted by collecting, reporting and analyzing information about a campaign, team or entire organization. Translated into insights and actions this data can improve efficiency and outcomes. Consensus around data sources, technology use and reporting cadence can unite teams around common goals and result in greater impact.
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System Governance

Administrators and technology architects ensure full utilization of the technology you've invested in. They continuously look for ways to leverage technology and seek new features and benefits to help the business. Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, Pardot and Act-On are some of the technology routinely managed and configured.
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Demand, Design and Development

A solid foundation is half the battle but to drive significant growth you must have a strong demand strategy, seamless design and expert development to achieve success with all of your sales and marketing efforts. We've created a network of partners to deliver best-in-class marketing programs. Connect to learn more. 



What our clients have to say


"The best agency experience I've had.

One of the most impressive aspects of the Haatzama team is their ability to take complex ideas or challenges and quickly translate them to technological solutions. They focus on the business problem and then use their savvy salesforce and marketing tech know-how to address the problem in a way that works for the company and team."

Erin Olsen, Director of Marketing

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