Salesforce Services

Our strategists and architects have developed hundreds of Salesforce configurations two help our clients more efficiently manage, nurture and convert prospects into sales ready leads. When Salesforce is aligned with how your business works, it will be easy to capture data, improve tracking and produce the reports and dashboards you need to measure results.

    Salesforce implementations & Reconfigurations

    We believe your best configuration will align with your business processes and workflows. To ensure your team is off to the best start, our implementations are done in three phases:

    • Business Process Workshop We'll dedicate time with your team and our strategist to outline your business processes today and collect feedback on your goals and objectives.
    • Build Your Foundation Together we will outline the next phase of your implementation. This often includes lead and opportunity management and other basics. 
    • Customization & Integrations After we've optimized your use of native functionality, we'll turn to the marketplace or build custom solutions to ensure your team is fully supported.

    Salesforce Reports and Dashboards

    Salesforce reports and dashboards should be easy to read and understand, while providing a comprehensive view of your lead funnel, opportunity pipeline and campaign performance. Data storytelling is not only popular, its exceptionally powerful.

    • Marketing Dashboards should include measurement of campaign responses, lead lifecycle tracking and measurement of revenue and brand impact.
    • Sales Dashboards look at pipeline changes and activity trends to evaluate team capacity and quota achievement.
    • Company Leaderboards can bring teams together. By placing these data visualizations in a public place, the entire company can rally toward shared goals.


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