Tracking content performance with UberFlip and Marketo

Tracking content performance with Marketo isn’t a new concept – any Marketo pro
could probably tell you at least six different ways to do it. And as most inbound
marketers know, content marketing is one of the best ways to generate net new leads,
nurture your database and gather additional information about a prospect’s needs
and interests.

Marketo itself has the pieces you need to do all of these things – but it takes some
manual effort to set up tracking programs, manage progressive profiling initiatives,
create landing pages, follow-up pages, and more. And then, you still don’t know how
your content has actually performed – how did you prospect actually engage with the
piece of content they downloaded beyond the form fill to get it? 

Uberflip is a lightweight, highly customizable content marketing app available in the Marketo LaunchPoint library. Instead of creating and managing Marketo forms, landing pages, thank you pages, and the programs that track their performance (in addition to whatever content library you’ve worked with your web development team to build), Uberflip offers marketers and out-of-the-box solution to the resource library management headache. Content can easily be switched out, edited, and removed from a content ‘hub’ (think your classic resource library, only a whole lot prettier) without the assistance of a web developer.

With a simple API integration, Uberflip allows Marketo users to capture leads and do progressive profiling with Uberflip, and then hand those leads directly off to Marketo programs through a simple list membership program. Uberflip also passes the name of the content in a field, so there’s no need to mess with unpredictable URL parameters and programs listening for web page visits to ensure a lead is added to the correct content program. 

And, while a streamlined way to capture digital leads is all fine and good, Uberflip also gives content marketers heightened visibility into how well content is received by a prospect. Flipbooks turn static PDFs into interactive pieces of content, allowing marketers to see just how much of that content was actually consumed. Outside of just providing your users a sleek reading experience, all this data passes to Marketo allowing you to take actions to provide better content to your prospects Oh, the targeted nurture possibilities! My heart skips a beat just thinking about it. If you’re a member of a smaller marketing team with mighty content dreams, Uberflip could be a substantial addition to your marketing tech stack.

About the Author: Amanda DePaul, Marketing Automation Consultant at Haatzama Marketing. Amanda partner’s with Haatzama clients to optimize their demand generation programs and marketing operation foundation. With strong roots in the technology industry, she is familiar with the unique challenges these marketers face.