Three Reasons High Performing Marketing Teams Fail

While its true that the right technology can make a huge difference for teams, many companies are falling short of their full potential for reasons technology cannot solve.

Working with high performing teams, we have found they can fall short of their their potential for three main reasons: bandwidth, expertise or budget. Here's how you can avoid these common pitfalls. 



Many teams focus their expertise in areas they need regularly. It wouldn’t make sense to have a Tableau expert on staff just for quarterly business reviews, for example. 

Having access to resources that can expand your team's expertise can make a world of difference. Look to other teams within the company, contractors or agency partners that can help on an as-needed basis.  

One of the most impressive aspects of the Haatzama team is their ability to take complex ideas or challenges and quickly translate them to technological solutions. They focus on the business problem and then use their savvy salesforce and marketing tech know-how to address the problem in a way that works for the company and team.

Erin Olsen, Marketing Director at


Especially in growth-oriented companies, teams tend to work far beyond their capacity. Over promising, under delivering. Its the same motivated individuals that thrive in the fast-pace that often struggle to set realistic boundaries on what is possible. 

A project management system used correctly can help teams and individuals set realistic goals for each week. Our team works in an agile fashion, managing a backlog of planned tasks, projects and ideas and pulling into each weekly sprint what we are actively working on. This visibility helps us plan realistic deadlines and deliver what we promise, on time. 

“They can adopt a startup’s culture and mentality. Everything is fast-paced and flexible. They’ve been very flexible and nimble with a lot of my requests. That’s their big advantage over other agencies.” 

- Director of Marketing, Confidential B2B IT Company


The common saying, "Good, fast or cheap -- Pick two." is a concept familiar to most in the technology or creative world because its in these environments that these opposing forces are often pulling against each other to win. 

Start with an honest evaluation of your backlog of plans and ideas and prioritize anything that has directly associated value. If the amount of things in your short-list amount to more than your team can handle, you may consider growing your team's headcount or expanding through a partnership. 

While you can't get excellence for free, we believe it shouldn't take big budgets to see big results. Our team really does love what we do and it shows in our work quality. We work exclusively with growing teams, so our costs are geared to help not inhibit your growth.

At Haatzama Marketing, we work alongside some incredible clients to help them achieve more than they thought possible. Sound like big words? Here’s what one of our clients recently shared with Clutch:

“For the size and nature of the company, it’s unusual to get this level of inbound leads. Our investors are pleased with our conversion results. One of our investors is a venture firm. Statistically, we have the highest conversion rates they have seen in their portfolio, both in terms of inbound leads and conversions to closures.”

Ganesh Shankar, CEO of RFPIO