Uncovering Some Quick SEO Wins

The rules for SEO change as search engines change and things that made sense a few years ago may no longer apply. Though one could spend countless hours optimizing for SEO and misconceptions about SEO are many, here are three things to check today:

Technical Set-Up

Audit your technical setup to ensure factors such as site speed don’t impede the user experience. In a fast-paced, mobile world sites that take a long time to load will frustrate visitors. Search engines will not promote pages with heavy load times to ensure positive experiences. There are many free online tools to help you conduct a technical audit in less than three minutes. 

Create Focus

Focusing each page on a single objective (and keyword) will consolidate the page equity to increase its search rank. Don’t try to do too much on each page, and don’t spread your content across too many pages. Keeping the information together will help the search bots prioritize your page(s).

Prove authority.

No one wants to be stranded on an island. Collaborate with others in your industry and have them provide backlinks to your site. Not only will you benefit from them linking back to your site, they will likely share the collaborative content and you'll expand your reach.

Looking for some tech-support to get started? Lunametrics comprised a list of the best free SEO tools used daily. And while we could pull together a similar list, we thought theirs was exceptional.