3 Features of an Advanced Lead Generation Strategy

The vast majority of business men and women today own a cellphone of some kind and more than 75% of us have a smart phone. The ability to connect anytime, anywhere has forever changed the way businesses must sell and thus the way marketers must approach creating connections. Here are three features of advanced lead generation strategy.

Adapt and Personalize Experiences

Customers continue to expect greater customization, on-demand experiences and exactly the amount of information they want as they want it -- never too much or too little. To meet their expectations, teams must first learn how their prospects consume information. Each buyer, each industry and every region can have different needs and behavior, it shouldn't be taken lightly that no two are alike. So, where do you start? Take a look at your buyers behavior over all time and in recent months (or years). What does history tell you? Are their commonalities among all buyers? How do your decision makers act just before purchase? Data visualization tools like Tableau can help you spot trends and see groups of similar behavior that a traditional spreadsheet can't reveal on its own. Once found, test their suggestion with prospects to see if you can replicate the trend with intention. 


“Best-practice demand creation strategy that includes more personalized and customized messaging built on personas yields 2x the average sales pipeline. “



Discover What Your Customer Wants

Digital lead generation for marketers is all about consumption of information and todays marketing teams struggle with two primary barriers to effective content marketing: creating content buyers want to consume and testing the content they create.

Creating content that your prospects and customers will consume can be a challenge on its own. According to The Content Marketing Institute, the top challenge for B2B marketers is creating content. To be effective content must align with what an audience engage with, not too long... not too short... not too high-level or too technical. I've seen teams analyze data and create in-depth buyer personas and personalities and ICP's. Months and quarters go by and in the end most of them are no further along than a hypothesis than when they began. Strategy is important but too many teams are stuck in thinking and planning rather than just doing.

“When it comes down to it, nothing trumps execution.”
Gary Vaynerchuk

Create, test, refine, repeat. Getting started will allow your next move to be based on real results, not a hypothesis.

Go Beyond Listening  

Your lead generation strategy needs to consider your audience and should strive to provide relevant, personalized content along their journey. An advanced strategy is going to extend beyond this to leading them to their next step, gently nudging them into the next step toward purchase, download or whatever your goal is for them. 


"Lead Generation describes the marketing process of stimulating and capturing interest in a product or service for the purpose of developing sales pipeline."


Lead generation is not just about capturing interest... its about stimulating interest. Advanced marketing tactics fulfill a larger plan of leading your audience where you want them to go and doing what you want them to do. Yes, listening is an important part in learning their likes, dislikes and how or when they will engage best but once you have information -- lead with it! Like finding the right content, testing is your friend. Try new channels until you strike gold and then empty the mine.

Strategy can seem daunting but with some smart guessing and lots of testing, your strategy can perform among the best. Hopefully these considerations have helped get your wheels turning and have inspired you to create your next strategy. Don't forget -- Create, test, refine, repeat!