Five Steps for Making Automation More Human

Especially with automation, it's easy to forget that our messages are being delivered to people. Real connection with your audience is what will ultimately drive engagement. To get started, consider these five steps to using marketing automation to create real conversations

Today's consumer assumes you know how to use technology to tailor the experience. In fact, they expect the messages you send to be suited to their specific needs and wants. The following steps will advance your use of marketing automation and help your messages appear expertly crafted.

1. Be Relevant

With each interaction create a conversation that feels tailored and specific. The inclusion of custom database fields in email copy drive 360% higher conversion than a generic email message (Act-On). A heightened level of relevance leaves your current customers feeling enthusiastic and naturally increases engagement.  

Tip to elevate: Use personalized content features to deliver messages that honor where your recipients are in their journey.

2. Start Conversations

Invest your time creating sharable conversations. When you solve a real problem, your audience will want to share your ideas with others. And since 97% of buyers say they give more credence to content that includes peer reviews (DemandGen Report), give them something to talk about!  

Tip to elevate: Segment your audience and deliver timely solutions to their business challenges to get your audience talking.

3. Encourage Action

We're all busy, and making time to dive into the depth of available information can be overwhelming. Give your audience what they need by providing the content they're looking for. B2B marketers who successfully deploy lead nurturing programs average a 20% increase in sales opportunities from nurtured leads versus non-nurtured leads (DemandGen Report).

Tip to elevate: Unleash the full power of automation by guiding and nurturing your audience down a natural path to your solution.

4. Brilliantly Capture

Asking your audience to answer obvious questions and complete long forms is a turn-off. Keep them coming back by asking questions that help guide them to the most relevant content. Avoid long forms using progressive profiling and continually cultivate their experience to keep their engagement high.

Tip to elevate: Go beyond name and title. Ask questions that enable you to deliver content specific to their needs on their next click.

5. Test Everything

Last we checked, there's no "un-send" button. There can be many contributing factors to email blunders but nothing will prevent future conversation faster than a bad first connection. Don't sour the mood by fumbling your execution. Leave enough time to run through a comprehensive testing plan. Take the time to create a plan or customize one that already exists and nail that first impression.

Tip to elevate: Test your message in multiple email clients and web browsers to ensure the message is received as expected.

Marketing automation platforms (MAPs) alone won't create greater productivity or efficiency but if aligned to your processes the results are powerful. When tuned properly, these systems become the backbone for obtaining the best insights and enabling timely, compelling and informed conversations. The result? A more renewable way to engage, and one that's rewarding for your audience too.